Karmaloop Coupon FAQ: Promo Codes and Rep Codes

Karmaloop Coupons

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A lot of our readers have questions about Karmaloop’s coupon system and the difference between promo codes, gift codes, rep codes, and gift certificates. This page will serve as a sort of FAQ to hopefully clear up any confusion that shoppers out there may have regarding Karmaloop’s coupons. The same system is used on PLNDR and Brick Harbor, so the information outlined in this post also applies to those stores.

What are all the different codes?
Promo Code: Think of these as your traditional coupons. They can give you a percentage discount, free shipping, a fixed amount discount or any combination of the three. Check the details of your coupon before attempting to use it so that you will know if the correct discount is being applied.

Gift Code: These are basically the same as Promo Codes which is why they are in the same box. You can get these as special promotions such as the $10 gift code promotion for subscribing to the Karmaloop newsletter or redeeming points through the rep program.

Rep Code: This is for Karmaloop’s affiliate program, or “street team” as they like to call it. Reps are given their own personalized rep code that they can give out to potential customers and reps will receive a part of the commission from the order. The customer also saves money on their order by using a rep code so it’s a win-win situation.

Gift Certificate: As their name suggests, these are just your plain old every day gift certificates. Since Karmaloop is an online retailer, if someone buys you a gift certificate, it will be in the form of a code that you enter in this field at checkout in order to claim your discount.

Karmaloop Coupon Entry

Our rep code REPTWENTY works on any order!

How do these codes work?
Promo Code / Gift Code: You enter these codes in the first coupon field at checkout. Only one code may be applied per order and these codes will almost always have an expiration date, so check to make sure your coupon isn’t expired!

Rep Code: Only one of these codes can be used per order as well. Using a rep code by itself will give you a 20% discount the first time you use it and a 10% discount every time thereafter. If you combine the rep code with a promo code or gift code, the Rep Code will only take an additional 1% off your order. For example, if you use a promo code for 15% off and combine this with a rep code, you will get a total of 16% off. Rep codes never expire and you can use the same one multiple times if you wish. If you find a favorite rep code, be sure to bookmark it for future orders! As of 2011, Karmaloop allows rep codes to be used on Kazbah items for a 10% discount. There are some restrictions that apply and certain brands don’t allow the rep code discount to be applied to their products. If you aren’t seeing a discount, one of these restrictions may apply to your order.

Gift Certificate: These work pretty much the same way promo codes do except without the restrictions. They usually don’t have an expiration and you can use as many of these as you want per order and on any products. If you were lucky enough to receive a gift certificate, make sure to thank the person who gave it to you!

Where do I find the latest codes?
There are a ton of places where you can find the latest codes to use on Karmaloop, PLNDR, and Brick Harbor. You can check our Twitter which is updated daily. You can also search this very site for the latest coupons (see the links at the top of this post). Additionally, our sister site Streetwear Discounts maintains an updated list of coupons for all three stores. I hope this post has cleared up any confusion that you may have had about Karmaloop coupons and hopefully you will be able to get the maximum discount on the fresh gear you are about to purchase!

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